Sales + Marketing 

DISASTERP Commercial Marketing + Sales software training plan includes all the forms, systems and protocols to develop a workflow that is specific to you and your market. We provide telephone conferences with your DISASTERP team to coach you through a successful and seamless implementation 

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Commercial Restoration Sales
Business recovery

After your team completes our Sales + Marketing training aspect of the DISASTERP Program, they will have a comprehensive Sales kit and Marketing strategy ready for implementation. These tools have been created and tested in the field at live successful offices across the USA. Utilizing these materials along with the DISASTERP system, your company will have the compete framework for your Commercial Program.


Know where and how to Market for the best success & penetration


- Receive an amazing Commercial restoration Sales Kit customized for your company -



Some Materials you will receive with the Sales + Marketing kit are:

  • Advanced Commercial Marketing Plan

  • Sample Customer Contract

  • Sample Sales Scripts

  • Marketing Material Templates 

  • Market Targeting Documentation



  • Customized PowerPoint Presentations

  • Sales Strategies

  • Sales Methodology 

  • Data Mining Guidelines and layout

  • Lead generating information

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Diversify your source of business by increasing sustainable direct work that will continue to feed your business and profits far into the future