Commercial Restoration Sales

Are you currently getting commercial restoration sales in your local market?

What percentage do you believe you are getting a chance at? Or even hearing about?

In our studies across the USA working with hundreds of companies, we have found that up to 42% of commercial restoration losses in markets across the USA never even hit the airwaves. This means that local companies never even hear about them or get a chance to secure that work.

Utilizing our DISASTER-ERP Marketing & Sales Software and system, our customers Create a sustainable local commercial restoration network where they are the expert. Partnering with local companies in their market, they ensure that when there is a loss at a partnering property, they are the company called and hired every time!

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We have even taken the next step and secured several relationships Nationwide to support our DISASTER-ERP customers, thus driving business back into our group and creating new outside the box relationships where all parties are benefiting.

Commercial Restoration sales are a very specific and different field and need to be treated as such. In our training we focus on Commercial restoration sales and marketing and have many live, in-the-field scenarios. We ensure that our users are ready and utilize our software and system and their highest potential and experience a great growth sector.

There are many different areas that need to be focused on and developed to be truly successful. Tying all of these in together is key to success. That is why our dynamic team is in the field as well as the creators of the software. We want to ensure that everything we create is tested and ready for when our users need it.

DISASTER-ERP is a select group that requires an application and selection process. Due to our demand and our large National groups that we have or are setting up, we need to ensure that only companies that fit our model and culture are accepted. Let us know if you would like to be considered and we can set up a demo of the product and start a dialogue today.

Start Driving More Commercial Restoration Sales Now and far into the Future!

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