Reallocate your marketing efforts to something that Works!

STOP putting your marketing dollars and efforts towards programs that do not work! DISASTER-ERP is a proven, field tested and successful commercial software & system to gain and retain more business.

Our commercial restoration software has been written and customized for every device (Tablets, Smart Phones, laptops and desktops) so that that our software has full functionality and maximizes each system it is used on. Marketing efforts in the field are maximized no matter what device you use to input or access data on. Additionally, being cloud based you always have access anywhere you have an internet connection.

How are commercial clients finding your business? How much local commercial business do you really believe you are securing or even hearing about?

40% of local large loss commercial business never hits the airwaves.

Meaning you and your company may never even know that there was a commercial loss to be had in your market place. 40% of the best commercial restoration work in your area each year is not even on you and your team's radar so how can you secure this business?

Utilizing DISASTER-ERP's commercial software & marketing sales system we show you the way to secure this commercial business as well as much more additional work. Get more commercial restoration sales with our innovative software as well as a full dynamic marketing and sales package. This package Includes presentations, marketing and sales manuals, customized commercial brochures for your company etc... We want our users to be successful so our creative team customizes a commercial marketing and sales package for them and their business. Along with the materials the entire software is completely customized to our users as well.

Build your brand not someone elses! & Secure your companies future Succes!

Everytime you sign into our system or have a client or customer use the system, it is customized with your companies logos and information. From a marketing perspective having your logo and software for their use and on their computers is invaluable.

Becoming part of the DISASTER-ERP commercial loss specialist group is the best future investment for your company. We are only working with tier 1 companies and not every applicant is excepted. Maximize your marketing efforts, grow your company and drive more commercial business with DISASTER-ERP.

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