Differentiate Your Company from Competition

How can you gain more Commercial Restoration business? Drive more commercial Restoration sales? What makes you and your company any different from the other 5 - 10 other restoration companies in your local market? Why do you stand out from the larger companies who roll in and take the bigger jobs that your company could have handled.

If you have no answers or limited answers to the above questions you need a solution. DISASTER-ERP software and Marketing & Sales system is this solution. We help our customers drive more commercial business and have a sustainable commercial restoration sales growth into the future. We have methods and proven ways to keep large loss local business local. With our contractors beating out any large Nationwide competition rolling in trying to push them out most of the time.

The companies we work with stand out, and utilize the best software and commercial marketing & sales products available. These products are created by our team and constantly worked on and updated/upgraded.

Our team is one of the hardest working out there, and we are constantly pushing ourselves. Everything we release or share with our users has been field tested and proven. We share what is going right across the country and advise on what to stay away from. We want our users to not make mistakes and stumble in gaining as much traction as possible, so we make them first and now direct our users to the successful path.

We help differentiate your company by assisting in any way possible keeping our users on the cutting edge. Constantly updating and releasing new Creative materials for use and keeping the software miles ahead of any future competition.

Having a tool like the DISASTER-ERP software and knowing that we only put a limited amount of restoration contractors in each area gives a huge advantage. No other company has the functionality and dynamic platform that our users utilize and can provide to their clients. A one of a kind tool that always "wows" any perspective audience that views it.

Pairing the cutting edge always advancing software with the Marketing materials, Sales Materials, Training and a group of tier one contractors across the USA - DISASTER-ERP Clients have a big advantage on any competition. Become a leader in your local market and use something that WORKS!

Drive more commercial restoration business - Get sustainable commercial restoration sales far into the future and beat our your local competition with DISASTER-ERP

How is your company Differentiating itself?

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