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We are not just a software company, DISASTER-ERP is made up of several different levels. We do have expertise in writting software and all of our systems have been developed inside of our ownership group. We do not outsource any of our development and all upgrades and any additions are automatically added into the system and updated. Our tech team is extremely strong and in the opinion of many the best in the industry.

Our team has been in the restoration industry in one facit or another for a very long time now. What makes us truly dynamic outside of our amazing software is our versitility. There is no other Software that you can buy that comes with a complete commercial marketing & sales system. Paired with training from one of the elite industry leaders Michael Nadon.

Being a consultant in the restoration industry Michael Nadon has been in the field, seeing what works on the front lines and seeing what mistakes have traditionally been made. Utiliaing his expertise we address any issues ahead of time and ensure they are not incorporated in any of our software or systems.

Other members of our team have worked in high level positions of Restoration companies as well as other National Verticals. Bringing a range of experience and field knowledge to the way we think about our products. We come at the industry always staying one step ahead and truly innovating, giving our customers the advantage in their market.

We always go above and beyond for our clienst as we are not successful without them. Their success is what drives our company and pushes us, making us better and our products more dynamic.

We have tested and proven the DISASTER-ERP software & System and evolved it into the user friendly Commercial Restoration, Marketing, Sales system it is today. Contact us to work with a company who has been in the field testing and constantly improving, to give you the advantage in the commercial market that your company needs.

Get more Commercial Restoration Sales, Grow your business and Become a Commercial Restoration Specialist.

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