Commercial Software & Technology Showcase

We have a feature in the November issue of Cleanfax magazine, Showcasing our Commercial software and Commercial Marketing system. We are a software company who specializes in the commercial restoration field and we are happy to be a part of this issue.

Additionally to our user friendly dynamic commercial software, we have an entire commercial sales & marketing training included. Not only do we provide the technology and methods to dominate your local Commercial market but the know how and assistance. Customized commercial marketing materials and methods to assist with success and penetration into your local commercial business market. Setting up a successful and sustainable commercial business model for now and far into the future.

We are the only company specializing in the commercial field and taking it seriously and this shows in the success of our members. We are strongly growing, and developing many larger relationships and plans to assist our members in their local success from a national level.

DISASTER-ERP is a Dynamic Commercial Marketing & Sales software and system to help you grow and sustain you commercial business.

Check out our feature of the Software and Technology Showcase at the link below:

Comemrcial Software & Technology Showcase

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