Commercial Restoration Success in 2016

Whether you are a Mitigation, Reconstruction or Full service company - keeping up with the times has never been more vital. It is 2016 and with all the advances in technology and companies getting more and more sophisticated keeping up in this ever competitive industry is key. Is need to either find a specific niche, re-focus companies on a growth path, or invest in a software that can do both of the previous.

With programs squeezing more and more out of the companies on their programs, it is very hard to grow and make a decent profit. DISASTER-ERP gives our users a unique selling position and the tools needed to grow restoration businesses.

Working with companies across the USA we are continuously evolving our product and releasing items that are testing well across the country. We work as an extended commercial Marketing & Sales arm to your company, providing tested and proven materials. Utilizing these items along with our software and App components our users are having amazing success and are dominating their local markets.

The key to our prog

DISASTER-ERP is the key to a successful 2016 and future years to come, as we are constantly evolving and releasing new items to keep our users ahead of the pack. Upgrading and reinventing software pieces as well as Sales and Marketing in house we constantly grow together synergistically.

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