Emergency Preparedness is Essential

Ensuring that your company is ready to handle all types of emergencies is a huge task and can be very daunting. It seems like the list of "to do" items just keeps on growing and growing. Wouldn't it be nice to have a partner company who specializes in emergency preparedness? Allowing them to catalogue all emergency protocols and help put a plan in place? Then once the plan is in place, respond in the event on a loss and address the emergency immediately restoring the damage.

DISASTER-ERP is a group of companies that utilize experience and technology to ensure clients are ready in the event of a loss. All companies in the group are the best local companies in their market, and have been vetted to ensure the highest standards are always met, and exceeded.

Utilizing cloud based and app software, written specifically for our industry, we catalogue buildings and creating arrival protocols and procedures to be used in the event of a loss. Thus because it is not if but when something is bound to happen and we want clients to be ready. Limiting downtime and minimizing loss, well getting the client back up and running as soon as possible with the least amount of stress. The DISASTER-ERP program has been around for over 5 years, and is field tested and hardened. With the power of the DISASTER-ERP group behind our local trusted members, no job is to big and the same great local service can be expected every time.

Working with a local trusted bonded company is key in todays world. Our group members are your neighbours and very familiar with the local area and what is needed. Our members will be there tomorrow and far into the future, and you can trust that fair ethical practices will be employed.

Being prepared is not hard when you have the right partner at the plate with you. We are here to help and be a long term solution for all your companies emergency and restoration needs. Let us create a digital emergency preparedness plan, that is accessible 24/7 365 from anywhere. Giving our members as well as you and your teams access to this emergency information anytime anywhere. Be prepared and work with a commercial restoration specialist today! Contact us to get the information for your local DISASTER-ERP member.

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